Apple iPad Air 2 64GB desbloqueado de fábrica (gris espacial, Wi-Fi + celular 4G) versión más reciente (renovado)


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Marca Apple
Nombre del modelo MH2M2LLA
Capacidad de almacenamiento de memoria 64 GB
Tamaño de pantalla 9,7 Pulgadas
Sistema operativo iOS 8

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  • Apple iPad Air 2 2ª generación 64GB Wi-Fi+4G Verizon 9.7″ Negro
  • Apple iOS 11/12+, pantalla Retina de 10 pulgadas, resolución 2048×1536
  • Chip A8X con arquitectura de 64 bits, coprocesador de movimiento M8
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Información adicional

Resolución de la pantalla



‎64 GB

Disco Duro

‎64 GB

Coprocesador de gráficos


Tipo de conexión inalámbrica

‎802.11n, Bluetooth





Plataforma de hardware


Sistema operativo

‎iOS 8

Dimensiones del producto

‎0,24 x 9,4 x 6,6 pulgadas


‎Gris (Space Grey)

Tipo de memoria del equipo


Tamaño de memoria flash

‎64 Modificador desconocido


‎1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)





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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by Johnny B.

    Looks new. Works great but will lock up and revert back to Home Screen. Battery is definitely not as good as factory new.

  2. 09

    by al theodore

    I am very happy with e I pad. It has worked out better than expected. Thank you

  3. 09

    by EMA

    The item arrived when it was suppose to. It worked pretty good. It was a bit slow, but then it was refurbished. The screen was cracked when we received it, we kept it for awhile, trying to decide if we wanted to keep it. But, decided we would rerun it and buy a new one

  4. 09

    by peter manthey

    I’m very pleased with my iPad I got more than I bargained for thank you seller

  5. 09

    by Star Equip

    The charging block/cord that was included could not charge the ipad.After 4 hours the battery was at 1% and the ipad was constantly making the noise when the cord connects to the ipad.I had an extra cord/charger and was able to charge the ipad to 100% with my cord/charging block.

  6. 09

    by PJ Stover

    I’m very happy with my iPad Air 2 it has cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth. Everything works great it’s like brand new! I will definitely ores from this seller again! No scratches anywhere I can see, clean everything works perfect. Thanks I will update this in a few weeks

  7. 09

    by Laura Sheppard

    The ipad was working for a while, then it started to get really slow, battery life did not last too long especially with streaming turned on, the camera was slightly dislodged & messed up. Other than that, not bad for a used ipad.

  8. 09

    by Sarah Copeland

    PLEASE look at every thing on this iPad before turning it over to your child!!! First off, when I first received this iPad everything was in Chinese, which was not really a big deal, just a tad annoying. I had to go into just about every app and change the language to English. I failed to pull up Safari because honestly I didn’t even see it, I don’t use Safari. Anyway, My 10 yr old son handed me his tablet today saying “see what happens when I search for Naruto Pictures?”. He had Safari pulled up with a list of Hentai Porn sites THANKFULLY in Chinese (no pics were showing, just the list of website names). He luckily didn’t click on any of them. Whoever had the IPad before us apparently did a lot of Searching for porn! When we went through the search history it was absolutely disgusting. We cleared the history and set up parental restrictions. I take full responsibility for not checking the IPad thoroughly enough before turning it over to him. I guess I thought all of that would have been cleared out already (I took it for granted that the description said “like new” and I trusted Amazon). Anyway just be extra careful if you are getting this for someone else, especially a child!

  9. 09

    by Catherine Buck

    The background screen and colour went goofy after 6 months
    The background and colour became distorted and nothing could fix it

  10. 09

    by gabrielle

    Defective ipad
    Won’t turn on unless it’s over 80% charged. Tried contacting the seller. They said they’d give me return labels and have a new one shipped out if i want. I agreed to it and I never heard from them again. So I’m stuck with a defected ipad for now! Buy new no matter the cost!