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Double vinyl LP pressing. Dangerous is the eighth studio album by Michael Jackson. It was released on November 26, 1991 by Epic Records. His first album under his new contract with Sony Music, it was also Jackson’s first album since 1975’s Forever, Michael not to be produced by longtime collaborator Quincy Jones, who had agreed to split after the final recording sessions for Jackson’s 1987 album, Bad. Dangerous has sold over 35 million copies worldwide, 7 million albums were shipped in the United States alone, and has been cited as one of the best-selling albums of all time. The album produced four Top Ten singles on the Billboard Hot 100 including one number-one. Similar to the musician’s previous material, the album’s music features elements of R&B, pop and rock while also incorporating a newer genre, new jack swing, after the inclusion of producer Teddy Riley to the project in a bid to present Jackson to a younger urban audience. Jackson earned writing credits on all but two tracks on the album. Dangerous received several Grammy nominations, winning only one for Best Engineered Album. In addition to commercial success, the album received critical acclaim from contemporary critics.

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Marie Williams

    Nothing to dislike loved album just for me

  2. 07

    by AnnaNicole Heart

    I am going to do a thorough review on this album. As I love it so much. So if you don’t have time to read it all or want a skimpy review. then look else where.I got this album when I was 4. I have loved Michael since then. I am now 26. This album simply does not let you down. The songs are mind blowing, and this is truly Michael at his best. A breakdown of the songs as follows. Also I got this album as it’s the special edition one.Jam: An up beat, thrilling and dance inducing groove. With a message of love and coming together just like all of his songs. This song is really amazing as Michael combines a dance jam, with a positive message inside. A high light of the album for sure.Why you wanna trip on me: A fantastic dance song again, with a very cool beat. Michael really gets down on this one. You really can’t help but dance to this song.In the closet: LORD this song. I mean WOW. This song is the real gem of the album to me. Michael was very sexual on this one, the lyrics are totally haunting and the beat is out of this world. He tells a story of love and lust, but something to be kept secret. The video alone is orgasm inducing. This song is the top of the tops. Another real highlight of the album.She drives me wild: Another up beat song in which Michael explains how he’s attracted to a woman and needs to get her before the chance passes him by.Remember the time: The classic song that got the most attention outside of In the closet. This song was Michael exploring more technical dance moves in the video, but the beat and the over all message of the song is very romantic and relate-able. This song will certainly make you dance your heart out no matter where you are. Another high light of the album.Heal the world: A tear inducing song. So much of a Michael inspired message here. The title explains it all. But this song will certainly make you think twice about your actions in the world and day to day life. A beautiful song of Michael singing of world peace and harmony.Black or White: Another smash from the album. World wide record breaking song. With the panther dance at the end of the video, Michael shook the world with his sexual dancing and lashing out against the media. But it was well needed at that time. Anyhow, the song is a classic example of how Michael wanted everyone to be one and love each other. This song has a great guitar backing and will make you dance away.Who is it: This song, is haunting. Very haunting. Michael clearly was betrayed by some woman and he sang this song with every inch of his heart. A song that explains heart break and betrayal. Michael really showed his pain in the video for this one. A classic song for sure.Give into me: Sensual and demanding. This song is Michael explaining a desire, but also a search for answers. In one part he says “Don’t try to tell me because you know it’s a lie”. Implying the woman knows she doesn’t really feel how she says, but Michael wants her to give in and give him what he wants.Will you be there: The theme from Free Willy. A beautiful strong song. Michael sings it with such passion. It’s just beautiful. He simply says here will you be there when I need you. Will you be there for me through all of my wrong doings and success. Another hit from the album.Keep the faith: A very powerful song. Inspirational and very up lifting. Michael really broke out his gospel ways on this one. A perfect song for anytime.Gone too soon: For his dear friend Ryan White who passed of aids at a young age. Another tear inducing song, in which he also performed at the Bill Clinton Inauguration ball. A beautiful song in which Michael paints a clear picture of love and losing a loved one or friend.Dangerous: A sexy dance groove. Mostly spoken word so to speak, but also Michael singing. A very powerful message of Michael singing of his desire for a woman, but knowing she’s no good for him.This album is a must have hands down. I hope my review of the songs gave you some insight to what is to come on the album. But buy it and see for yourself.

  3. 07

    by ©~K.I.S.S`E.S.S~Just. For. You.~©

    Now, now, I am perhaps in that itsy bitsy teeny weeny part of the population who is suspect that Michael Jackson is really not deceased, cause aside from how all the inconsistencies that came to light about how his death happened, Janet gave 2 different accounts as to where she was when she heard the news: she said both Atlanta AND New York. Now that is Dangerous. Now back to the show. The cover of the album tells it all: Michael was well aware of the things too many had to say without ever knowing him, only his music. Or only ever enjoying his music.When he set out to make Thriller the biggest selling album of all time, he did just that, so he was NEVER going to reach that peak again because he raised the bar so high, it vanished. Dangerous starts off very, very strong and tapers off slowly but surely before shooting lights out with the title track. Even if he was ultimately, completely satisfied with it, his audience could not wholeheartedly feel the same way simply because of Thriller. It may not be correct to categorize any song he made as weak if it is just not a particular favorite that you or I like or love to hear; his lyrics were always very personal and his aim was nonetheless total perfection. Unfortunately, he could not give us another Motown 25; MTV could never again attempt to boycott his videos as that alone made the album get salivated for even more once Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller hit the airwaves; and most of us believe Michael could never look as good as he did on the Thriller cover. Every person will receive some of ridicule or teasing at some point in their life, and even in childhood those memories are able to affect us as adults, having an unanticipated cause & effect. Such actions are capable of causing an identity crisis, and in considering Michael, he spoke of the pain caused by family, especially his father, and then having the added weight of having melanin destroyed, I simply cannot imagine THAT particular pain. I got teased openly in front of the ladies, “Do you wear mascara?” or my favorite, “He got eyes like Tweety Bird.” I had no comeback at that time, but every single, and I mean EV-VER-RY SINGLE girl that called me cute, caught The Vapors years later. Tweety Bird grew into those eyes, and my rejection put them in a cage, left them saying as they walked away, “Sufferin’ succotash!”Michael Jordan had that same effect on the public when his first Jordans in black & red were banned from the league, and the ensuing commercial that followed caused such a frenzy that, along with his play, he is still enjoying the fruits of his hard work. No amount of marketing could ever be or could ever have been creative enough to produce the outcomes both gentlemen lived with and live through. For Michael Jackson, the sad irony is that despite his clear assertions that Sony did not have his best interest in the end, it would be both Sony & his family that would benefit from his ‘death.’ Alive or not, Dangerous, along with all his other music as a solo artist & with his brothers, allows us to continuously enjoy that which has become The Soundtrack for so many moments in our lives.Update: 4/24/2014~~I played Dangerous from start to finish while in my Spyder and it made me realize something: if you do not have the right type of system, not necessarily an expensive one, but just the right one to crisply bring out just how AWESOME the arrangement is on a lot of music, you will miss out on too much. My system is factory, a Rockford Folsgate, with 650w of pure power. And when going to have my alarm programmed with additional features, I PUMPED UP THE MUSIC!, and Dangerous suddenly came to life in a way that I failed to appreciate before. When older music that has been digitally remastered, always get those tweaks when you can because sounds that have always been there come through even more, adding another dimension to the rhythm. Not that Dangerous is not already benefiting from advances in music, but again, without the right system, the genius of Michael Jackson and many others will go unappreciated.UDp2: 1/5/2015~~~Will You Be There…..man, I am really starting to HEAR Michael now. Dude has talent in spades, no one before and definitely not since have come remotely close to giving up the complete package. Maybe next year will be his time.~K.I.S.S~

  4. 07

    by Carlos Menezes

    ¬†Dangerous √© um dos √°lbuns mais ecl√©ticos de Michael, com influ√™ncias de soul, gospel, rock, new jack swing, hip hop e funk. O excelente alcance vocal de Michael √© destacado em todos esses g√™neros. Minhas faixas favoritas s√£o Who Is It (com o beatbox constante compondo o ritmo de fundo, despojado e destacado quando a m√ļsica termina) e Dangerous. Todas as m√ļsicas est√£o no pico vocal absoluto de Michael Jackson.Prazo e Entrega:O envio foi bem r√°pido, demorando menos de uma semana. O pedido foi realizado no dia 11 de abril e foi entregue no feriado do dia 15 de abril. Ele chegou sem nenhum defeito, arranh√£o ou marcas na embalagem, 100%.Problemas:Algo que me deixou um pouco triste foi que na faixa “She Drives Me Wild” o seu √°udio estava cortado, ou seja estava faltando trechos da m√ļsica, como o seu rap (Como mostra no v√≠deo da avalia√ß√£o). Eu acabei relevando isso, porque foi em apenas uma m√ļsica e √© um trecho bem pequeno de uma faixa que eu pessoalmente n√£o gosto muito, mas deve-se levar em considera√ß√£o. Pelo o que eu li nas avalia√ß√Ķes e conversei com pessoas que compraram esse disco, e isso √© um caso mais isolado, prov√°vel erro de fabrica√ß√£o.

  5. 07

    by Nitin Bagga

    Happy with the audio quality
    Happy with the audio quality. Use it for listening in my car.Cover was of course broken, since I bought a used one, but works perfectly fine

  6. 07

    by Izenilda Ferreira

    Cd em excelente estado.
    Chegou em perfeito estado, muito bem embalado.

  7. 07

    by Stardom Tech Industries

    Great Masterpieces
    One of Jackson’s greatest masterpieces. With amazing songs like Heal the World and Black or White, Dangerous is a must buy.

  8. 07

    by Cliente Kindle

    √ďtimo √°lbum com sonoridade incr√≠vel.Vale a pena.