SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4, teléfono inteligente Android desbloqueado de fábrica, 512 GB, modo flexible, video manos libres,


Nombre del modelo Z Fold4
Operador inalámbrico Todas las empresas de transportes
Sistema operativo Android
Tecnología celular 5G
Capacidad de almacenamiento de memoria 512 GB
Tecnología de conectividad Bluetooth, USB
Color Negro Phantom
Tamaño de pantalla 7,6 Pulgadas
Tecnología de redes inalámbricas WiFi

  • Modo flexible: libera tus manos con el modo Flex en el Galaxy Z Fold4; este smartphone se mantiene solo para que puedas tomar notas durante una llamada de conferencia o seguir junto con videos instructivos en tiempo real
  • Video manos libres: no te quedes atascado a tu teléfono celular; configura tu teléfono en modo flexible y comprueba tus tareas pendientes mientras te pones al día con amigos; el chat de video manos libres te permite multitarea y moverte libremente mientras te mantienes en el marco
  • Ventana multivisión: asiste fácilmente a una reunión de trabajo virtual y captura notas importantes al mismo tiempo, o ponte al día con tus programas favoritos mientras respondes textos; con múltiples ventanas, hacer diferentes tareas es fácil con Galaxy Z Fold4
  • Listo para bolígrafo S: transforma tu Galaxy Z Fold4 en un dispositivo multifuncional con S Pen; * Te da esa sensación de bolígrafo sobre papel y hace que sea fácil tomar notas mientras asistes a reuniones virtuales, arrastra y suelta contenido, y haz más cosas
  • Tus aplicaciones, a tu manera: la optimización de la pantalla de la aplicación te permite personalizar cómo ves las aplicaciones en la pantalla de borde a borde de Galaxy Z Fold4; además, utiliza múltiples aplicaciones a todo su potencial arrastrando y soltando** contenido de una ventana a la otra
  • Tu teléfono y reloj funcionan como uno: despliega las posibilidades de tu Galaxy Z Fold4 conectado a tu Galaxy Watch; utiliza tu reloj para hacer selfies manos libres con modo flexible; además, mantén un seguimiento de tu día cambiando fácilmente entre tu Galaxy Watch y teléfono
  • Pantalla grande, gran sonido: ¿Necesitas salir mientras estás en medio de tu podcast favorito? Desliza el Galaxy Z Fold4 en tu bolsillo y sigue escuchando con tus Galaxy Buds; despliega la conectividad con tu teléfono inteligente y Buds trabajando juntos
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • Beige
  • Gray Green
  • Green
  • Phantom Black
  • Galaxy Z Fold4
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Despliega tu mundo y logra la productividad del siguiente nivel con Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Este es el teléfono que se sostiene para que puedas hacer dos cosas a la vez. Más pantalla significa hacer más. Inicia múltiples aplicaciones una al lado de la otra con vista multiventana. Maximiza tu placer de visualización desplegando tu teléfono celular en una pantalla de tamaño tableta. Es fuerte, elegante y resistente. Enfréntate a tu día con la tecnología de pantalla plegable más confiable. Habla con amigos mientras verificas tu lista de tareas pendientes con video chat manos libres. Utiliza S Pen* en tu Galaxy Z Fold4 con facilidad. Escribe notas, dibuja cosas y haz más sobre la marcha. Ve tus aplicaciones tan grandes como deberían ser. Con la optimización de la pantalla de la aplicación, numerosas aplicaciones se ajustan naturalmente a la pantalla de borde a borde. Experimenta la continuidad de tener tu Galaxy Z Fold4 y Galaxy Watch completamente sincronizados. Dobla tu Galaxy Z Fold4 y sigue escuchando lo que amas con Galaxy Buds conectados. Disfruta de una pantalla ininterrumpida con una cámara selfie debajo de la pantalla. *Compatible solo con S Pen Fold Edition y S Pen Pro, se vende por separado. Funciona solo con pantalla principal. **La funcionalidad de arrastrar y soltar funciona con aplicaciones seleccionadas.

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Información importante

Diagonal visible en pantalla

8″ / 20 cm

Información adicional

Peso 263 kg
Dimensiones del paquete

6,77 x 5,83 x 1,14 pulgadas


256GB, 512GB




Beige, Gray Green, Green, Phantom Black


Galaxy Z Fold4


2 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)

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País de origen


Ram Memory Installed Size

12 GB

Peso del artículo

263 Gramos


a la tienda de SAMSUNG

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by linuxpng

    When the fold phones released I thought that they were a gimmick and very fragile. This is my first folding phone and at least I can say it’s not a gimmick. Time will tell on durability. Having the ability to move from a much easier to hold outer screen to a tablet around the size of an ipad mini is awesome. Having moved from a pixel I appreciate that there is better care in samsung’s software for reliability. The pixel 6 pro modem and reliability is terrible. The overall experience is much better with the Fold 4.The Good:- The phone doesn’t get hot. The Pixel 6 pro gets hot watching Youtube.- The cell signal is great.- The screens are bright and colorful.- One UI is a pleasing UI (subjective obviously) and seemingly polished.The bad- I have more trouble with this fingerprint reader than the Pixel 6 Pro.- Facial recognition is unusable and should not really be offered.- Battery life is a bit disappointing, but good enough. The screen is huge so it stands to reason, but there are 2 batteries and what ought to be enough space for bigger batteries. It’s already heavier than a regular phone, so it would be nice to not compromise and have it be killer battery life.Overall, I really like the phone and would recommend it with the above caveats.

  2. 04

    by Morgan Gholson

    I like it, I was a really big fan of my S10 and replaced it with this. Sometimes having the big screen with a pen is really handy, and I like to play games and there’s all sort of nifty stuff you can do with Xbox controllers, a pc and the phone combined if you’re interested. Battery drains kinda fast if your on the big screen watching videos, etc. I don’t have any issues with the bend in the middle. People that say “I don’t even see it!” Are bs’ing you, you’ll notice it. If the brightness is up its not a huge deal, but if your looking at something mono-colored or just very dark, it’s pretty obvious. Still, having a phone that opens up into a tablet is pretty cool. I’m pretty tech-savvy and I still don’t know how to get the most out of the whole dual left right screen thing. Also certain apps close/reset when you unfold. So if you’re on ig watching some video and think “I wanna see this bigger” and unfold, it’s gone and you’ll probably never find where you were.

  3. 04

    by TM_067

    The phone works fantastic good. The front screen is easy to use without requiring flipping open the phone. When opened the larger keyboard, larger screen and multi-app function makes this phone very powerful.The battery life is better than expected and for me easily lasts all day. I don’t always open the phone unless I need to type a longer message. I don’t play games on it. I don’t often watch movies.The crease in the middle of the phone is visible but is not distracting or bothersome. The pixels are smooth and my eyes quickly adjust.The fingerprint reader feels weak especially when there is a case as it is difficult to get my finger on the right angle and position. The facial recognition is less reliable for me.Yes, a little chunky but the height and width easily fit comfortably in my pocket. The cameras work well enough for my use.Overall very satisfied with the phone and performance.

  4. 04

    by Kindle Customer

    TLDR; I like the phone, even with its issues. I am happy to have it.You can always feel the crease when unfolded. If you accept that, the unfolded look is great.The finger print reader is fast, but I am big handed and so it catches my palm as an attempt to read the finger. I usually have to unlock using a pattern due to exceeding number of tries on fingerprint with my palm.The touch screen when open sees my palm as a touch on the screen, so some games for me are an issue.The touch screen when closed has much the same issue, I often have to change how I am holding the phone to use touch when closed.TMobile and 5G is a bit iff for me (especially 5GUC), so I usually keep it on LTE, which works very fast. (In most cases LTE is as fast as 5G, but that is the Carrier, I believe.) In low signal areas, holding the phone while closed also can cause data reception to slow down. I often put the phone down and pull back my hand to cause it to get the data faster. This also happened with the Note 10+, so appears to be related to my hands and TMobile.

  5. 04

    by Ricardo Del Sol

    Para.el dia a dia